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Game News
Death Dealers 2 is a guild where you will find pvp players so as pve players, so as speak it´s a mixed guild! We want to have fun, get some friends and at the same time progress in raiding! We´re trying to aim high. We´re a guild on Horde side on Sunstrider, and togheter we´re gonna explore the content in Cataclysm and the incoming expansions!
At the moment we got no really progress as a guild togheter, but as for me - raid leader i got 7/7 normal and 6/7 HM from firelands. Pre cata isn´t that important anymore, it´s the future now :)

Raid days will be:
Wednesday, tuersday and sunday (20:00-23:30) , be there 10 min before.
with an understanding of changes ingame!

If the only thing you think of, is being number 1 on your dmg meter and you therefore can´t move away from stuff like fire and  traps etc...This is probably not the guild for you, not now, not then not ever!. We expect you to have focus during raid time, be in time and bring flask/food! However if you think you have a great undestanding of your class and role in a raid and you therefore want to keep your raiding experience updated! This is maybe a guild for you? Our main target group is people who wants to play have fun and stay in the guild, and not just quitting after a while. Besides that - Always use the best gems, enchants etc etc, and most important DO NOT lie to us if you rate yourself higher than you can perform you won't stay in the guild for a long time.

Normal behavier and personal skills. We really appreciate people with a nice attitude and with a genuine sense of humor. If all you want is gear this is not the place for you!  If this sounds like something you want to be a part of we will be happy to see an apply from you!
(If you can´t show up for raid you´ll have to tell a Raid officer or Raid Leader about this Ingame/mail, but if it repeats beacuse of normal slacking you will probably get demoted, in worst case /gkick!  But if it´s something important IRL we will have understanding - it is just a game and every player has a "Real life"

General Guildlines! 
Fluent English is a must.
Ventrilo installed - (A working mic is not a must)
Be mature, but genius sense of humor is also more than needed! :D 
You have a working PC and a decent connection. (Would be sad if main healer DC'ed on 15% of a boss fight :( )
Stay strong, even when things goes bad - remember progress is followed by wipes, it is a simple fact!

If this sounds good to you, you´re welcome to apply! We´re always open for any class! Thank you for you time and good luck! Let the panda be whit you =)
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